Presidents' Message

The JCC is about meeting new people, sharing ideas, gaining insights, and above all, getting inspired. Our goal is to work with past, current and – most importantly – future leaders to raise the bar on business, both within our own Jewish community and in the wider Montreal community.

Without the JCC we would not have become the professionals we are today. We are constantly amazed by the people we meet, the success stories we hear and the accomplishments and contributions of our community. Our history of service is rich, and we continue to surpass our potential while cultivating the next generation.


Get involved! If you aren’t yet but would like to start developing key business relationships and sharing knowledge, reach out to us. Together we can determine where you can make the greatest contribution.


We look forward to seeing you at future events!


Erik Langburt & Scott Rozansky, Co-presidents, Jewish Chamber of Commerce


To get involved, contact:

To reach Erik or Scott, email: